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To meet the flexible demand in labor due to peak season business factors like high turnover, limited authorized strength and short-term staff replacement, our flexible staffing solutions can simplify the employment procedures of enterprises, which may results in reduced cost of personnel management and lower the overall risks of direct employment and allows a company to invest their resources in the core business.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment management: manpower planning, recruitment strategy, job posting, candidate searching, candidate recommendation, interview, evaluation, offer communication, onboard and follow-up.

Personnel Management

HR management: contract signing, staff filing, entry procedures, exit procedures, personnel-related certificates, work injury/various allowance declaration, salary tax, payment of social insurance and housing fund, performance appraisal and daily management.

Training Management

Training management: onboard training, job skills training, service process training, information security training, product promotion, system introduction and corporate culture advocacy.

Business Management

Business management: production management, quality management and personnel management.

Risk Management

Risk management: work injury, three periods (pregnancy, delivery and lactation), medical period, employee emergencies, labor disputes, dismissal of incompetence, supplements for job vacancy, termination of labor relations, labor compensation, and business risk management.

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