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International Talent Relocation

Provide Certificated Nurse Position in Germany

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International Cooperation

We Are The Talent Bridge Between China and Europe

The REACH Talent Bridge provides highly qualified, certified German-speaking nurses with an employment opportunity in Germany.


We have developed close cooperation with reputable German hospitals as well as Chinese educational institutes, universities and clinics to develop and select highly qualified professionals nurse talents highly motivated to accept an oversea assignment in Germany.

The REACH talent bridge not only provide our clients access to the Chinese labor market but also enable the highly qualified talent to further develop and enhance their career prospects by accepting an oversea assignment. The REACH Talent Bridge is a perfect platform to exchange highly-motivated talents between China and Germany.

Our goal is to provide access to highly skilled nurses, qualified care-givers interested to enhance their career by accepting an employment opportunity and for graduates who are interested to join a vocational education in Germany. Our candidate pool comprises of not only nursing graduates but also experienced highly skilled nurses all of them have at least a B1 certified German language ability. We are cooperating with medical universities providing health and nursing care majors as well as with domestic clinics and high-end German language education organizations ensuring the appropriate quality language skills with a focus on medical and care taking specifics.

Qualification Assessment

We evaluate your qualifications and find the most suitable position for you.


We provide you with language training and language level certification.


We provide you with the information and certification you need for the job and VISA application.

24/7 Overseas Assistant

When you are working overseas, we provide you with local reception and 24/7 Chinese service.


We offer our full support throughout the whole proces.


We use campus events, job fairs, lectures, workshops and online marketing to carry out the preliminary publicity of the project.


In order to ensure a reliable evaluation process,we will arrange time for further communication and organize interviews.




If the candidate does not meet the job requirements, we will develop a training and internship plan for you to ensure that you find a position that matches you 100%.



If the candidates do not meet the requirements, we expand the search until our clients are happy with the selection.


We assist you in preparing all necessary documents, including certificates, resumes, language certificates, credits, translations, passports, etc., and bear the cost of this part according to the agreement


According to your needs, we provide local help. This means that candidates will regularly participate in events and get support after arriving in Germany. Make sure that the candidates do not feel alone in the process.


After each event, we collect all candidate profiles and hold initial interviews to evaluate and pre-select the candidates.


Translation, notarization and legalization of the documents for the recognition and application of the visa.




Our staff provides 24/7 assistance in German or Chinese for our candidates.





We have a very professional consulting and business development partners in Germany to ensure your quality employment resources. They will also provide you with very convenient reception services when you first arrive in Germany!


With our tailored recruitment process based on our understanding of the challenges and issues faced when recruiting directly from China. Our approach and proactive efforts are always focused on balancing both clients and candidates needs. Our structured approach is designed to resolve these challenges to ensure a smooth and highly effective recruitment and relocation experience.


1.Analysis of the organization and job requirements

2.Determine the skills, knowledge and training required

3.Define requirements: deadline, number of people, departments, etc.


Our recruiting teams conduct various tests and interviews to ensure that the information, documents, and requirements of the candidates are correct and match our customer. Candidates are prepared for the interview in accordance with customer requirements. The interviews are conducted in our offices in China, on the university campus or online.


1.We present a selection of the most qualified candidates.

2.The final decision about the process and the selection of the candidates is up to you. This enables customers to assess their skills, motivation and language skills themselves.

3.After the interviews, an offer is usually made to the applicant within a week.


We support the candidates and companies in processing the documentation and application documents (including support for examinations and recognition). During this phase, we act as a link between candidates and employers to promote the relationship between the two and to ensure a smooth process.

Our Minimum Requirements for Nurses

1. All candidates have completed a bachelor’s degree of at least 4 years including a 6-month practical phase.

2. All candidates have at least a degree (GPA) of 2.0 or better, making them one of the top 20% of all graduates in China across all universities.

3. At least a German language ability of “B1” certified by organizations like TLEC or GOETHE Certificate.

4. The aim of our preparation work is to best prepare the candidates not only for general German language ability but also for their position requirements like hospital practices and for example common medication, safety regulations or technical terminology.

5. Most applicants have been mentally preparing for working life in Germany for several years. So you have a good idea of life and culture. This facilitates integration in Germany.

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OUR Advantages

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With our standardized and modular processes, we can offer a maximum of flexibility to meet the needs of our clients and candidates in the most efficient way and ensure highest levels of security and quality.

Our local expert teams in both China and Germany can ensure a smooth transition process and guarantee the necessary support for the candidates and clients at all times. Our REACH Talent Bridge is designed to establish direct labor contract relationships between the clinics and the candidates. Our business model is based on a most effective and direct cooperation between all parties and avoiding any additional layer of complexity and at the same time providing a maximum of security to all parties.

Our Vision is to enable through our REACH Talent Bridge to bring clients and highly motivated and qualified candidates together and by doing so offer a long-term development opportunity.

The German founding partner of REACH Talent Consulting (Xuzhou) CO., Ltd., all our experts here in Xuzhou as well as the entire team in Germany are fully committed to provide an unmatched support along the entire process.

  • We have direct contact with the medical institutions in Germany without middlemen
  • Local interview, and provide full process assistance for you
  • We will provide you with language training and help you solve all the problems before you go to Germany
  • We provide you with local reception services to ensure your safety and quality of life
  • According to your expectation, we offer flexible training and employment plan, you are free to choose


We offer a variety of flexible options for candidates.We offer optional vocational training and work plan for different education background and work experience.

0.5+ Years Model

Professional Nurse Package

  • 18~40 Years Old
  • Man or Female
  • Hold Professional Technical Qualification Certificates for Nurse
  • At Least 1 Years Nursing Experience
  • German B1 Level
  • 1+ Years Training
  • After obtaining the German Nurse Qualification Certificate as well as the B2 German Language Certificate the graduates are qualified to seek permanent employment not only in Germany but in the European Union.

3+ Years Model

Vocational Training Package

  • 18~40 Years Old
  • Man or Female
  • a) Non-nursing Graduates with High School Education or Above
  • b) Nursing Graduates With Technical Secondary School Education
  • German B1 Level
  • 3+ Years Training
  • After obtaining the German Nurse Qualification Certificate as well as the B2 German Language Certificate the graduates are qualified to seek permanent employment not only in Germany but in the European Union.